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GenAI Trust and Safety Guardrails

Detect, fix and minimize LLM hallucinations
Got It AI Hallucination management
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Strongest available approach and solution in the industry

Model based hallucination detection

Automatic dataset generation and evaluation

Hands-off active learning

Use with API based LLMs (GPT4, etc) and Open Source LLMs (Mistral, Llama, Zephyr, etc)

Use with knowledge bots, summarization, etc

3 simple ways to use
Hallucination Manager

Quick test using API

Try using a test API with our base Hallucination Manager

(available via NVIDIA NeMo Guardrails soon)

High accuracy setup to use with your RAG pipeline

Build you custom hallucination detection model for your RAG pipeline

Highest accuracy, custom setup for enterprise use cases

Build fully tuned, GPT-4 level accuracy system for your RAG pipeline, summarization or other tasks

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