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About Us

Nice to meet you! Learn more about our company and the team behind it.

Our Mission

We believe customers are delighted by natural, personalized conversations with your enterprise, that quickly solve their problems. Despite two generations of chatbots and virtual agent products, the customer experience delivered still feels unnatural and generic. To address this problem, we set out to create the first fluid and natural conversational experiences that would transform self-service customer experiences into surprisingly great ones, leveraging generative LLMs.


We also believe that every customer in the world deserves these delightful experiences we envision, which is why we’ve built our solutions to scale for the enterprise. We've minimized the manual work enterprise CX teams have to do, through a fully autonomous conversational AI platform. Our goal is to go beyond No Code Conversational AI to Autonomous No Code Conversational AI, which does most of the work for the enterprise.

Unlike many other teams, we started all our work after the release of transformer-based, pre-trained large language models such as BERT and GPT in 2019. We bring not just Natural Language Understanding (NLU), but truly comprehensive NLP  (including Natural Language Generation, or NLG) into our modern platform for Conversational AI. We hope you enjoy this exciting, game-changing journey of creating much better, quicker, cost-optimized customer experience.

Autonomous, self-driving cars may still be a dream, but autonomous, Conversational AI  is here, now. Our goal is to free you, as CX leaders, to delight customers more strategically, rather than spending time on the tedious task of building natural, fluid conversational virtual agents. 

Our Team

Meet our passionate and exceptional enterprise architects and product leaders from VMware, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle.
Global HQ
Palo Alto, CA
R&D Center
Hanoi, Vietnam
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