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Opinionated Enterprise RAG Platform

Optimized settings tailored for enterprise use cases

Fine-tuned models and pre-configured best practices for key RAG tasks

Proven with scalable and secure Enterprise deployments

AutoRAG is the industry-first opinionated Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) platform designed specifically for enterprise use cases.

AutoRAG streamlines the development and deployment of highly capable and performant RAG systems, enabling faster, more reliable, and superior performance for a wide range of enterprise applications.

This approach reduces the need for extensive customization and tuning, allowing developers, even those with limited AI expertise, to efficiently configure, deploy, and manage powerful RAG systems.

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Opinionated Framework

AutoRAG enforces conventions and best practices, ensuring reliable and optimal results. This "convention over configuration" approach simplifies the development process and accelerates time to market.

Choice of LLMs

AutoRAG supports a variety of LLMs, including Mixtral, Llama3, Flan T5, GPT-4, Claude, and Gemini. You can also use Got It AI’s fine-tuned RAG response generation and TruthChecker models, ensuring flexibility and high performance.

Customizable and Extensible

While AutoRAG comes with pre-tuned configurations, it is fully customizable. Developers can tweak existing modules or add new ones to meet specific project requirements.

Hallucination Detection and Response Correction

With our proprietary TruthChecker and TruthCorrection models, AutoRAG ensures that the generated responses are accurate and grounded, significantly reducing the risk of hallucinations and incorrect information.

Automated Evaluation and Improvement

Our platform includes automated evaluation capabilities to continuously tune models and system configurations, ensuring optimal performance. This system relies on a set of SOPs defined through extensive human annotation to achieve high accuracy.

Battle tested

AutoRAG has been successfully deployed in enterprise cloud and VPC environments, passing stringent security, system architecture, and compliance requirements. Our customers include a consumer electronics firm using the Honeybadger system for customer service automation and a financial services firm using the Cheetah system as a sales team copilot.

If you’d like more information about AutoRAG, get in touch today.



3 steps to a transformative solution for Copilots and CX Autopilots

Natural Language Knowledge Retrieval

Bring your internal documents and knowledge bases and get an Agent Copilot bot that your agents can use to optimize their performance.

Real Time Fact Checking

Agent Copilot uses Got It AI's TruthChecker technology to reduce LLM hallucinations to low, GPT-4 levels

Human Level Accuracy

AutoRAG comes with a sophisticated active learning system that continuously improves performance, reaching human level or better accuracy

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