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The AutoFlows™ Product Suite

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Unparalleled Benefits

Got It AI Security

Scalable, Secure and Flexible Deployments per your Compliance Standards

We run our infrastructure scalably in the cloud and  support standard compliance such as SOC-2 and GDPR. Please reach out for more information. 

A Comprehensive Team Approach

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Got It AI QuickStart

Fast and cost efficient. Step into your CX Automation journey with AutoDiscovery and AutoFlows and see instant results.

Product - AutoDiscovey

AutoDiscovery Engine

Discover Complete Dialog Paths to Verify and Automate

The first step in designing a virtual agent is to identify the conversational paths that the virtual agent will follow. This conversation design process has been manual, slow and expensive. Now there's a better way.

Bringing in historical conversation logs such as chat logs, voice transcripts, tickets/emails and knowledge bases changes everything, once you bring advanced AI technology to bear.


Got It AI's generative AI models will auto discover and auto generate complete dialog paths, not just intent clusters, so your conversation design process takes days instead of months. And each dialog path will come with a containment estimate. Very quickly,  you will have a feel for your virtual agent and how well it could do.

Yes, we build AI using AI.


AutoFlows™ Studio

Powerful Configuration Studio

The dialog paths discovered by the AutoDiscovery Engine become your unique, enterprise-specific "template" for configuring virtual agents that understand your customers' journeys.

Use our easy-to-use configuration Studio to select and refine your enterprise template further. Connect with your backend system and configure your virtual agent to fit your needs. And even test it to verify.


AutoMation Manager

Deploy Anywhere

Run your virtual agents on our award-winning conversational AI runtime platform. You will get state-of-the-art entity detection, NLU based on the latest large-language-model technology and a flexible dialog engine that understands dialog context.


We also enable publishing your virtual agent to a 3rd party conversational AI platform.


You can have your cake, and eat it too!​


AutoLearn Optimizer

Containment Optimization

Our virtual agents get tuned automatically - every day - so your customers get the best experience possible and your virtual agent can deflect more tickets.


Maximum containment means reduced costs and customer delight.​


Autonomous No Code Conversational AI

AutoFlows™ and other leading products in Conversational AI 

Open for Partnership with World-Class Enterprises

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