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QuickStart Virtual Agent Design and Testing

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

How can I get started with Got It AI?

Get started automating your conversation design process with our QuickStart solution. Visualize your Autonomous Virtual Agent dialog paths with one click by using AutoDiscovery & AutoFlows™ Studio. This lets you confirm your business-specific flows and test your virtual agent in a flash.

Is there a free trial or a demo available?

We’d love for you to test our product with your data. Got It AI is happy to work with customers to develop a trial and deployment plan that works for their individual needs. Please contact us to find out more.

Got It AI


Discovery pipeline from historical logs logs (or Templates if you choose) AutoFlows™ with with Intents, Paraphrases, Forms and Containment Estimates

Templates only

Manual Flow Building or Template Customization with Intents

AutoFlows™ export to any NLU based Dialog Manager including Got It AI Automation Manager

Internal Flows for Vendor’s own dialog manager

Get update insights in Test Console's debug mode to quickly tune and get a highly accurate VA.

Test simulator only

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