Conversational Virtual Agent

Updated: Oct 26

How can I use Got It AI’s virtual agent solution?

Our Virtual Agents use our AutoDiscovery Engine and AutoFlows™ Studio to convert your historical data into a highly accurate business specific virtual agent. This is the only fully automated pipeline to transform your data into a conversational bot.

Got It AI's unique discovery-driven approach automatically extracts dialog flows and training data, thus shortening the deployment time of a highly accurate Virtual Agent from months to days.

With design and testing done quickly using AutoFlows™ Studio, use our AutoMation Manager to deploy your business-specific Virtual Agent to Got It AI’s state of the art NLU Models and Dialog Manager or any third party Dialog Manager such as Google Dialogflow, Rasa, or Nuance Mix.

How can I monitor or optimize my Virtual Agent?

Finally, monitor and optimize your Virtual Agent with the AutoLearn Optimizer. This tool provides automated updates and recommendations to your Virtual Agent’s NLU models and Dialog Manager for continuous improvements.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to Got It AI’s virtual agent solution.

Got It AI


AutoFlows™ representing real conversations for any NLU Model or Dialog Manager

​Agent Assist-centric manual flow configuration for vendor’s own dialog manager

Robust NLU identifies intents from complex noisy chat or audio, and the Hybrid Dialog Manager allows seamless intent switching - providing high accuracy, CSAT, and containment

Curated training data and State Machine based restricted Dialog Manager leads to low accuracy and containment on noisy transcripts

With AutoLearn's Differential Flow re-discovery, go beyond paraphrase updates and obtain new recommendations across flows quickly

Manual re-discovery leads to slow updates

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