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Got It AI’s Autonomous Virtual Agents

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

How does your technology create a bot autonomously?

Got It AI provides a complete solution that automatically designs your virtual agent by learning from real conversations and content. Automated maintenance and optimization reduces costs and delights customers quickly.

How does Got It AI’s bot differ from other virtual agents?

With other no code products and advanced virtual agents, designers manually design the virtual agent using a predetermined set of dialog templates or intent libraries. This does not scale for most enterprise applications, due to the high degree of customization needed, inevitably leading companies to use costly professional services and have low automation rates.

What are some advantages of Got It AI’s Autonomous Conversational AI technology?

Advantages of Got It AI include:

  • Auto discover your customers’ unique journeys. Cutting edge generative machine learning models and truly comprehensive NLP technology for customer satisfaction and maximum containment.

  • Deliver fluid, natural conversations. Our virtual agents deliver unparalleled conversational fluidity while maintaining context and precise control over messaging.

  • A simple and easy to use platform. Our Autonomous No Code AI platform is easy to use, yet surprisingly powerful, with flexible deployment options.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to our autonomous technology and product suite.

How much containment or level of automation can I achieve with Got It AI?

AutoDiscovery of flows in your conversation data can provide up to 5-10% containment per flow, which can add up across all flows that you decide to automate. Once deployed, our bot can continue to learn from its conversations and improve the containment rate.

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