AutoMation Manager

Updated: Oct 26

What is AutoMation Manager?

Run your virtual agents on our award-winning conversational AI runtime platform. You will get state-of-the-art entity detection, NLU based on the latest large-language-model technology and a flexible dialog engine that understands dialog context.

AutoMation Manager maximizes containment with a highly accurate virtual agent deployed anywhere - offering high accuracy, CSAT, and containment using a robust NLU and hybrid dialog manager capable of handling noisy input and seamless intent switching.

What can I do with AutoMation Manager

  • Utilize Got It AI's state of the art multilingual NLU for handling complicated noise in user utterances as well as its model-based dialog manager, which provides seamless intent and context switching without the need for explicit configuration.

  • Export AutoFlows™ and training data to third-party dialog managers.

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