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AutoDiscovery Engine

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

What is AutoDiscovery?

Our AutoDiscovery Engine is the only product in the market that offers automatic discovery of all the training data needed to create a virtual agent. Additionally, it provides coverage and containment estimates, allowing you to focus on automating what’s important to your business.

How do I use conversation data in the AutoDiscovery Engine?

Bring in historical conversation logs such as chat logs, voice transcripts, tickets/emails and knowledge bases. Got It AI's generative AI models will auto-discover and auto-generate complete dialog paths, not just intent clusters, so your conversation design process takes days instead of months. Very quickly, you will have a feel for your virtual agent and how well it could do.

What does the AutoDiscovery Engine find from conversation data?

Got It AI’s AutoDiscovery Engine automatically extracts training data from real conversations, thereby delivering the highest accuracy and most relevant virtual agent.

  • Intents and related paraphrases and entities are automatically discovered

  • Forms and tasks are extracted to maximize reusability of flow components at enterprise scale

  • Topic and intent coverage provides visibility over business processes, while containment estimates suggest the automation level that can be reached with AutoFlows™ Studio.

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