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AutoArticle Bot

Updated: Nov 26, 2022

What is an AutoArticle Bot?

Got It AI’s AutoArticle Bot applies generative large language models to knowledge bases to transform your article content into effortless, natural conversations. It generates human-like, multi-turn, contextual responses from your content rather than just linking articles or creating single turn Q&A.

AutoArticle requires ZERO configuration. Simply point a Got It AI AutoArticle Bot to your knowledge base articles! Manual Q&A configuration is not necessary, eliminating a huge headache of maintenance and updates.

What can I use AutoArticle Bot for?

AutoArticle Bot has several applications, including

  • Use it to assist agents. Quick and accurate responses automatically generated from articles and knowledge bases reduce average handling time and maximize first contact resolution. This helps agents serve more users and obtain more savings.

  • Use it to create or augment a virtual agent. Got It AI autonomous virtual agents can leverage the Article Bot to augment its response capabilities with all of the information in your Knowledge Base.

How does AutoArticle Bot work? What do I need to make AutoArticle Bot work?

Provide the URLs to your knowledge base of articles and the AutoArticle Bot will create a self-service conversational experience for you. This can bring deep and contextual knowledge, not just links and snippets, to your virtual agent.

Please contact us if you have any questions related to AutoArticle Bot.

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